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What Are Veneers?

Veneers are made of a thin layer of composite or porcelain to cover the visible surface of the tooth. They are highly aesthetic and can change the shape, length and color of your teeth, giving you a new smile you’ve always dreamt of. 

The handcrafted translucent porcelain, custom made to create a completely natural look, will make your teeth whiter, better aligned and improve their shape and position. If properly planned and executed, a veneers treatment can last a lifetime.

How Do Veneers Work?

Do you have gaps between your teeth? Tooth malformation, wear, or discoloration? Are your teeth slightly mis-aligned? Veneers can be the solution for you. Properly planned and executed, they can also decrease wrinkles and give you a younger, white, more seducing smile.

It’s also worthy to mention that since Aoude Dental Center is home to a multidisciplinary dentist, and has big experience in orthodontia, Invisalign, gum contouring, and other aspects of dentistry, your case is in proper hands for proper diagnosing, treatment planning and executing. All while being treated by one the best rated dentists in Montreal.

How Dental Veneers Are Made?

Dental veneers constitute a non-reversible treatment. The dentist needs to shave a thin layer of your tooth in order to place a veneer. At Aoude Dental Center, we often use minimal preparation techniques to preserve as much as possible of the tooth structure. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

It’s also important to note that this treatment is considered an aesthetic treatment and is usually not covered by dental insurances.

At Aoude Dental Center, we provide multidisciplinary dentistry, including orthodontia, Invisalign, gum contouring, root canal therapy, implants, etc. Our wide variety of services gives us the ability to evaluate your smile and condition from different points of views in order to guide you into taking the right decision.

Veneers Before and After

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Dental veneers have helped many people attain the smile of their dreams. If selected, planned and executed right, they could have a profound impact on your smile, your face and your appearance.

During your consultation with us, the dentist will evaluate your smile and your current teeth condition (position, color, discrepancies, stains, alignment). He will ask you to share what results you wish to attain. Afterwards, he will be able to recommend the proper treatment, treatments sequence and exact cost.

Dental veneers require a skilled dentist who has a trained hand and a trained eye to aesthetic dentistry. It goes beyond shaving a tooth and bonding a thin layer of porcelain. Many aspects of the mouth need to be considered when it comes to veneers: health of the gums and their level, size and color of the current teeth, the smile line, the smile width, the occlusion and many other details. Understanding how you dream of your smile is a priority to us. We will take your vision in our hands and give you the smile of your dreams!

The advantages and disadvantages of the system:

  • It is invisible.
  • It allows adequate dental hygiene throughout the treatment.
  • No dietary restrictions.
  • No ulcers nor injuries due to metallic braces.
  • The only disadvantage: YOU MUST WEAR IT TO GET THE RESULTS

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